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Companies are competing to increase their sales while American Cosmetics Company is seeking to develop and innovate personal care products to get the best quality products that make our lives better.

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Beauty is a universal feeling. Some say it's in the eye of the beholder - others say it’s natural law. There's an elegance inside each of us that can manifest many forms: The power of the tiger, the strength of the spider, the tenacity of the hunter, the discipline of the Spartan Warrior. It's merging these qualities together which requires a willingness to travel off the beaten path, seeking only the best of what the world has to offer. By keeping your personal care as the highest priority, Bosch Style has tapped into the balance.

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Bosch Style has strived to establish excellent business partnerships with both local and global manufacturers, and actively seeks to encourage successful long-term relationships with our clients. Our customers know that their dealings with us will be rooted in reliability, mutual benefit, and respect and as such, we've positioned ourselves as the exclusive distributing agency for some of Europe's most premium brands.

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We are a trading company based in the Netherlands specializing in the import, export, and distribution of beauty and personal care products to countries all over the globe – and are also the exclusive distributing agent of American Cosmetics. Our objective is simple: Provide major shopping centres, beauty centres, and most importantly consumers with the finest quality products to help your rightful elegance shine.

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